Sunday, July 25, 2010

Found a Friend

This guy was hanging around us for a very long time. He flew from person to person landing for a bit on each one.

Enjoyed an evening with Davis family

Spent Saturday evening at a get together at Marilyn and John Davis's home. A Bix night tradition before Rich, Janie, and family head back home to Southern Illinois. Lots of their family and friends were there. It was nice to chat and relax outside.

Some participated in a whiffle ball game. I enjoyed watching the fun. By the time the game was called the ball was nearly crushed and a nice dent could be seen in the bat. Lots of power in those young men...of course they had to try to show each other up.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer is zooming by!

Wow...July is well underway. It always seems as though the summer flies by. I know - there is still lots of summer left...but it's going too fast. A lot has been going on here in the Gillespie house since returning from our wonderful vacation. Chuck began pretty much right away working on his phase 3 of our remodel - opening up the living and dining room to create one big comfy, usable space. He's been working very hard every day. Chris and Shawn have been a big help. They are growing up so fast (in about 3 weeks Shawn will be a Senior!).

I haven't been a big part of this remodel. Instead I've been trying to complete my Grad program so that I can graduate and get that Master's Degree! I'm very close. I have some work to do on the final chapter of the written capstone project and then when it has all passed the grading process I will have an oral capstone interview. I Just Want It Done!! I feel as if I'm wasting summer and not being much help with the remodel. This past week I developed a nasty cold that has slowed me down. And I don't like that!!
To top it off...I have 2 rooms to get ready for school before the 3rd week of August. Don't get me wrong, I'm very pleased to have a room upstairs out of the watery, moldy mess at my home school. But that means putting together the room from scratch. The room at the other building I teach at will require less work - since It has all the right furniture and things...but I need to make it my own (even though I will share it with another art teacher).

So many things to think about...but first - finish the Grad work! So back to the writing tonight and I will cheer on my guys as they work in the living room. Chuck textured the new drywall ceiling today and is planing on cleaning up the walls and then the painting begins!

Here are a few pictures of the progress since destruction day!

The old ceiling is replaced with a nice new drywall ceiling. That required a lot of teamwork. Great job guys!

New recessed lights were put into the ceiling which required moving the switch and some wiring around. Success with that part. Then Chuck spent many days on the taping, mudding, and sanding after patching holes from the wall taken down and a window that was taken out.

Today Chuck applied a texture to the ceiling. It looks great!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotic Toes

I took a break from working on my capstone project this afternoon and decided it was time to repaint the toes. Since the 4th of July is in a couple days I thought I'd have a bit of fun and paint them red, white, and blue. One star would have to do - 50 would have been a bit more of a challenge than I wanted to undertake.

So my toes are now ready for the fireworks!