Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinterest Project #9 - Even Better GF Sesame Chicken

Gluten-Free Sesame Chicken - This One is a Keeper!!

I tried what I thought was a pretty good Sesame Chicken recipe last week -(Pinterest Project #6). It was yummy - but this one I pinned more recently looked more like the sesame chicken I used to get at Chinese restaurants before going GF. So tonight I gave this one a try. So glad I did!!! This one is Very Good!!!!

Here's the original pin --> 
The blog that  is linked to has a bunch of really good recipes.

Pinterest Project #8 - Let's Melt Some Plastic Beads!

Melted Inexpensive Pony Beads = Suncatcher!

This idea was pinned to my "Gotta Try" board. You place a single layer of plastic beads into a metal pan and heat them at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Here's the original pin -->

So here's what I did ---
I grabbed a couple of pans. I thought this heart pan would work nice and I had some small fluted pans (honestly don't know where these came from!) I put a small nut into the heart pan - thinking that it would leave a hole for hanging. I placed both of these on a cookie sheet to make it easier to handle.

 Then I just started filling the heart with beads I thought would work well together. It was taking quite awhile to pick out these colors and get them into a single layer, so I enlisted the help of Shawn to make it go faster (and to give him something different to do). I asked him if he wanted to help me with an experiment. "Are we going to blow something up?" He asked with a smile. "No, not today...we're going to melt something."

When I told Shawn I was going to melt the plastic beads in the oven he asked, "Isn't that kind of toxical?" Gotta love him!  I turned the exhaust fan onto high just make sure it didn't smell too "toxical", lol.

The little pan took about 20 minutes. The larger heart took about 25 minutes.

I had Shawn put some blue opaque beads into the little one because I wanted to see if these would look as good as the transparent ones. They came out interesting -but not for a suncatcher. They would look good as a melted bowl perhaps.

Isn't this heart-shaped one pretty right out of the oven?
 I did a second run of these using a round cake pan that was smaller than the heart one. I noticed from my first trial that the nut worked -but wasn't really needed. To create a hole just leave beads out of a small area. So that is what I did on the round one. I also put the beads into a design on my second try. I think I like it better randomly placed.

I strung the heart and the round shape together and placed them into the garden. The sun bounced off them as the spun around with the breeze.

 Here's the little guys from the fluted pan. It's better to use a smooth-sided pan. These have sharp edges.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Project #7 - Mmmm Lasagna!

I was pretty lazy today - no work on a mosaic or bleaching a t-shirt. In fact I can honestly say that I didn't even get out of my pjs until near noon! I spent most of the morning responding to emails from a couple different art teachers who had questions on some things they saw on my art ed blog and website (yes - even though it's summer - many of us can't completely shut down the lesson planning). I love sharing ideas with teachers from all around the world. When I started teaching 17 years ago - I had no idea this kind of collaboration would be possible! I couldn't of imagined it. My Art Ed blog - Splats, Scraps, and Glue Blobs and My Art With Mrs. G! Website 

But even though no artsy Pinterest projects were on the agenda for the day - Pinterest did play a role in the day - or at least the evening. Dinner!

Low Carb - Gluten-Free Lasagna 
Here's a picture of the finished product. Though it was lower carb and GF it was not low on taste! Very Yummy!

Visit my Low Carb & Yummy board for the original pin and recipe -->

Here's what it looked like right out of the oven....mmmmm smell that?

Here's my helping next to a healthy salad - Thanks to Heidi for the lettuce from her garden!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinterest Project #6 - Gluten-Free Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken - Low carb and Gluten-free!

Eating gluten-free can get boring at times. There is a great variety of things you can cook and eat - but it certainly isn't as easy coming up with dinner ideas when you can't tolerate gluten.  So I'm always looking for different ideas.

<--Tonight we tried this recipe I found on Pinterest - Sesame Chicken
I followed the recipe as is and it came out pretty good. It had good flavor and the chicken was very juicy. The crust was a touch floury tasting because the pan I used was a bit too big for the amount of oil and butter - so it didn't crisp up as much as it should have.
 We also had some  broccoflower with it. That was very good - looked like green cauliflower!

It's a thumbs up and will do this one again.

Pinterest Project #5 - T-Shirt + Bleach pen = Cool!

This one is from my Pinterest board titled "T-shirt art ideas"
There are quite a few of ideas there I want to try but this one really intrigued me. It seemed so simple - a shirt and a bleach pen. The idea of being able to draw a design on easily with a fine tipped bleach pen seemed too simple to be true - but it was!

Click on the following link to see the original Pinterest post that I pinned -

So Here's What I did - 
I started with a black t-shirt from Target that I purchased on sale for $5. 
It's 100% cotton - but would probably work just fine as long as it was mostly cotton. 
I also picked up the bleach pen there for about $3.

I wanted the design to be on the side of the front and back of the shirt similar to the blue one above so I turned the shirt on the side so that the seam was in the middle. I slipped a piece of cardboard into the shirt and also added some wax paper so the bleach wouldn't seep through to the other side.

And away I went! - drawing my design with the fine tip side of the bleach pen. I wanted to do a cherry blossom branch like design and was confident in just going for it without a design drawn out first. 
You could take a piece of chalk and draw out the design you want first.

It was fun to watch how fast the color changed as I was drawing. The fumes from the bleach pen started to bother me a bit so I took it outside to sit for about 30 minutes. The longer you leave it on the lighter it will become. Of course that is dependent on what color of shirt you start with. On a lighter shirt you may not need to have it sit as long. Just keep an eye on it until it is the color you want.

I rinsed the shirt in cold water to get the remaining bleach off and stop the bleaching action. 
Then tossed it in the washer on cold with a bit of soap.

The Finished Product! - 

It has the Toby sniff of approval!
I think it came out pretty good and I can't wait to try it again. Next time with a lighter color. I'm also thinking of trying to use a stencil and spray bottle of bleach to mist around a design.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinterest Project #4 - A New Addition to the Garden

This project is a nice addition to our back yard garden area. 

Here's the original pin that inspired this project -

Galvanized Tipsy Pots

I spent some time Wednesday morning wandering around different stores to gather some supplies to build this. My best assistant listened patiently as I told him what I wanted to do and how I thought we could go about doing it.

It took us about an hour to put it together.

That's concentration there!
By dinner time Wednesday we had it all put together and in the spot I wanted it. Now to get flowers and fill it up! But that would have to wait a day or so. Thursday was not a day for planting - very cold and super rainy.

This morning I hunted down flowers I wanted and finished planting just in time for Chuck to come home and see the finished product. I love it!