Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinterest Project #11 - Not really a project but a very handy tip!

Chocolate Chip Storage - Genius!

I pinned this one a while back and knew we had to try it. Chuck and I love, I mean really Love, our Ghiraardelli 60% dark chocolate chips. We prefer them to be kept in the freezer. They are super good like that. If you haven't ever tried them - give 'em a go! They satisfy that need for something just a bit sweet and my ever present chocolate craving.

These are great chips but the bag rips easily. So if you go to grab the bag and sprinkle out a handful you may end up having some fall out of ripped sections of the bag. I get really upset at the shameless loss of such good chocolate as they bounce to the floor! (There is no 5 second rule in this house - we live with two labs!)

So when I saw this idea I thought it looked genius. I had a couple of failures at trying to get it to work though. First I tried a regular water bottle - which is what the pinned picture looked like to me. See the pin here.  It worked to close it but really was too small of an opening to let chips come out.  Then I tried a larger water bottle, but the opening wasn't really any wider. I spotted a Gatorade bottle in the store and knew that would probably work better. 

So a trip into Sara's room and her overflowing garbage can supplied me with a Gatorade bottle. I had to fish around a bit to find the lid...Jeez...the junk food wrappers in there! After a good rinsing and drying, I cut the bottle to just keep the top portion. I cut open a new bag of chocolate chips along the seam and fed it through the opening in the bottle, wrapped the extra down the side, and made sure the chips had a clear opening to make their way out. The lid was able to twist right on securing them from spilling out!

 Here's how it looks with the lid off. Like my new nail color?