Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time for a New School Year!

The time has come once again to begin a new school year!

The first day of official work for me is August 15th, but every teacher knows there is a ton of work to do before the students walk into the door. Every year I tell myself that I will work throughout the summer on school things...when in reality I know that I won't really do much until August 1st. The school year is so hectic and stressful for me and I really enjoy just relaxing and doing whatever with my wonderful husband and our kids. This summer I made sure to enjoy it because of what lies ahead this school year. It will most likely be the hardest of my 17 years teaching.

Changes have come to many school districts around the country and mine is no different. Cuts in funding meant cuts in staff. Cuts in staff means changes. Our group of 7 elementary art teachers is now down to a group of 5 to provide our art program to 12 elementary schools. This means that we had to realign how to cover all those school among us. We all have 3 schools to go to. We still see our students for 45 minutes a week - we just have to squeeze many more classes in each week.

I had to leave a school that was new to me last year that I really loved being at to go to another school brand new to me. I also will be returning to a school that I had taught at for many years in the past. I have mixed emotions about these changes. I'm excited about this new school...it has it's benefits and I'm happy to see my old students and staff that I missed last year at the school I'm returning to. The one constant is my "home school" - that didn't change except for having one whole less day to teach there.
Along with the change in staff, this year I will no longer teach 6th grade - they have been moved to the Jr. High buildings.

So this week I began working to get all 3 schools ready for the start of the year. My number one priority is my new school. Because it is new to me, the room is a blank slate that needs to be set up and organized for the hectic year to come. I have to have an organized and pleasant environment for the students and myself so that we can all succeed.

Here is a few before photos of my new room:
 Yes - There are some nice tables here! That's a +

Oh...It's an actual chalk board. And where's my projector? =(

The first thing for me is adding some color!!  An Art Room can't be boring white. 
Stay tuned for After pics!

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