Thursday, June 17, 2010

Parasailing Was So Much Fun!!!!!!

This was not something that I even thought of doing - but was such a blast! It was the one thing that Sara wanted to do so we did! Five of us went up.

We were concerned this morning when Chuck called and one company said they may not be going out because of the oil. We did see a bunch of tar balls being washed ashore last night on Okaloosa Island. But all worked out - we went with "Boogies" water sports and they took us out in the Bay instead of the gulf area.

Chuck and I went together and Janie, Chris, and Sara went together. I think the best part was taking off from the boat. You start out sitting down and as the boat speeds up you take off. So much fun. It was a lot calmer up there than I thought it would be...and oh the view! Chuck and I had a bit of a dip in the water...but the other three really got a good soaking!

Such a fun day!

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  1. Love takes a chance...some rise some fall...but without the leap we're nothing at all.. so I promise you....that I'll jump with you...and only for me and you