Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday's Main Event - Dolphin Cruise!

Wednesday morning we got up and going early go out on the Gulf on the "Southern Star". A nice big boat with a great crew. I didn't know what to expect from a dolphin tour. It's not like they are trained to come on call like a dolphin show at an aquarium. But we were not disappointed. Plenty of dolphins made an appearance, as did a shark or two and a couple large schools of sting ray...I think the captain called them cow rays. We found out that the dolphins like the attention and are attracted by our cheers.

One dolphin was proud to show off a large fish he had in his mouth.

The captain took us to where the wild life were, instead of just continuing on a set route. When a school of fish, shark, or dolphin was spotted he took us right to them. It was very neat. The depth of the water changed along the way. Many times you could see perfectly clearly to the bottom of the gulf. The ripples of the sand bed could be seen.

It was a beautiful day - hot - but gorgeous!

One downfall...Poor Grant got a very bad case of sea sickness. He spent the majority of the 2 hour cruise below in the air conditioned snack bar area.

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