Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinterest Project #2 - A Sweet Surprise!

Who'd a thunk it? Yummy Caramel from a can of sweetened condensed milk submerged in a water-filled crockpot for 8 hours on low?  This was one of those things I pinned just because it seemed so strange. My niece Megan saw that I and other pinners she followed had pinned this and she just couldn't believe it would work. So this one's for her!
Here's the original pin  - Crockpot Caramel  This pin doesn't link to anything but the photo but the directions are listed under the pin.
Here's what I did -
I got myself a can of sweetened condensed milk - Store brand just fine. I love HyVee - there's a smile in every aisle!
 I put a small plate in the crockpot and put the can on that so that I wouldn't get a rust ring on the bottom of the crockpot. Added enough water to completely submerge the can.

I put the lid on and set it to low. Then set my iPhone to remind me in 8 hours that it was done!
 8 Hours Later - I used some tongs to take it out of the hot water -
 And cooled it down a bit with some cold water
 Then I called Chuck in to do the opening -

YES! Yummy Success! It's a very tasty light caramel sauce. Perfect for some ice cream or apples...or just a spoon!

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