Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer of Pinterest!

Ahhhhh....Summer! I so love you! The rest, the relaxation, the sun...
But anyone who knows me knows I have a hard time sitting around doing nothing (though I've been practicing) - So a "to-do" list is usually how I start my summer break. The list includes the usual cleaning or organizing around the house, working in the yard, and attempting to exercise more. Always on the top of my list is to do something creative. I love, love to try new things - especially creative artsy things. As I was practicing doing nothing the other night -as close to doing nothing I get almost always involves looking around online- finding things to pin on the highly addictive Pinterest when an idea struck me. I could spend my summer trying as many of these fun, sometimes strange, creative things that I enjoy pinning!
And so - My Summer of Pinterest Has Begun!! 
Now - I'm not going to say that I will do something different each and every day this summer - because frankly that would be stressful and summer should never be stressful (that's what the school year is for). But I do plan on doing as many as I can. Some maybe very simple - like a hairstyle or a recipe. Others may be quite involved like a home or garden project. I've technically already finished one before I decided to do this. My first Pinterest project of the summer was wrapping my iPhone earbuds in colorful string to make them more artsy and keep them from tangling. I did these last week - but I will count them as Pinterest Project #1. Scroll down after the photos to see what I've started for project #2!

These came out great looking and I was pleased when I pulled them from my purse they were not a tangled mess! But they took FOREVER! I think I spent about 12 hours on them  here and there when I was watching tv. So if you are going to try this one - be prepared to spend some time on it.
Here's the Pinterest link to this project.--> Wrapped earbuds
The finished result!
This is what it looked like as I started.
Pinterest Project #2 - I started this one this morning and it should be done tonight - Here's a sneak peek... 
This one's for you Megan!;-)

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