Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Project #10 - Melted Crayon Art

Of Course - Did you really think I wouldn't get around to this one?!
Choosing a 102 degree day was probably not the best idea -but it worked out well and the melting was fast!

Here's the finished project -

I decided to try something a bit different than just melting the crayons. I wanted to incorporate text into the design so I cut out letters in duct tape and stuck them onto the canvas. My thought is that I would melt the crayons over and around the tape and then pull it off when the wax was hardened.

I picked out the crayons I wanted and hot glued them in place.

Then out to the back deck with the blow dryer (in 102 degree sun) and let the melting begin. I really wasn't sure how the wax would react. I figured it would drip down as I turned the canvas. I was surprised by the splattering the happened. Luckily I put a piece of brown paper down as I melted, but it didn't all stay there...could be a bit of color on the deck and even possibly the house (oops).

After the wax was hard, I peeled the tape letters off. I was expecting the caves to be white under the tape but some of the color must have seeped under. I liked the look, however the word was a bit hard to read so I went over the edge of the letters with a black sharpie.

Molly gives her sniff of approval!

If you want some other melted crayon ideas - visit my Pinterest board "Crayon Projects"


  1. I like the tape stencil idea.. Hmmm, now you're giving me ideas :)

    1. My idea for students - even my youngest ones - is for them to use masking tape to make a design. Put the canvas flat and place pieces of broken, peeled crayons around and then melt them with the dryer. Then when hard pull off the tape. Can't wait to try it with them!