Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 5 of pic-a-day A walk through Augie

I make no effort to hide the fact that I would love to one day move out of this house of ours for many reasons - but one being the neighborhood has changed quite a bit since I when I grew up in this same house. It's by no means a dangerous neighborhood but has it's increasing downfalls. One of the big ones is the increased number of rental houses where those that live there and own the property really don't seem to want to take care of it. Along with the increased number of rental houses also come the noise of college students living in these houses and walking to and from them (never quietly and often at 2 or 3 in the am).

However the downfall of living near Augustana College is also one of the only positives of where we live.

Augie holds a special place in my heart. Of course it is my Alma Mater but it is also a place I explored as a young child both in and out. My mom worked many years in the college center food service. She was loved by coworkers as well as professors and students. It is also a very beautiful campus. Ever since Chuck and I have shared this house as our home we have taken hundreds of walks through the paths and walkways of the college, sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with the dogs. If we ever do move from this house it will be something that I miss a great deal.

Since I graduated in 1992 there has been one addition to the campus after another. My Alma Mater sure believes in progress and certainly knows how to spend their astronomical tuition fees!

This path was a very nice addition that I enjoy a great deal!

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