Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 22 pic-a-day

Lemonhead ground
Those of you who know Chuck and I know that during our breaks from school there is most often a project going on in or around our house. This summer is no exception. We had been discussing doing something in our backyard to make it a more pleasant area. It currently has nothing but weeds that are kept mowed down and a fire pit. We wanted a more landscaped area with paths and plants.

So...Super Chuck begins his work. He planned out some paths, sitting areas, and planting spots...drew out a map...and the digging began. He spent the last couple days of digging out the areas for crushed rock to go and tomorrow it will be delivered.

I'm not much help with this project. After moving just a few bricks from the fire pit I was banned from any of the heavy bending, lifting, or digging because of a back issue that is driving me crazy. This is hard for me...I stayed out of the last major project (until the painting stage) because I was busy working on my Masters in Ed degree. But to have pain put me out of helping - does not make me happy.  So other than being a water girl and giving moral support...so far it's all Chuck! Oh wait...I did spray paint the guide lines (I know how to handle a can of spray paint).

As usual, Chuck is doing an awesome job!  After viewing his progress today - I had to give part of his dug-out area a face....and so became the Lemonhead ground area!

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