Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 29 pic-a-day

Homemade GF Egg roll
I have been craving an egg roll since having to go gluten-free. I can easily go without bread or buns...but I so wanted the yumminess wrapped up in an egg roll. Creating the filling for the egg roll was the easy part. The ingredients are naturally gf (with the exception of making sure to have GF soy sauce). The wrapper is another story. Most egg roll wrappers are wheat wrappers. So with some research I found that you can use spring roll wrappers that are rice and tapioca based. They worked like a charm. They don't fry up as brown and crisp as the wheat ones...but they were great. Must of been pretty good - Chuck had 5! Now that I know it will work, I can play around with the filling contents.

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