Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 25 pic-a-day

Today we took a drive to Starved Rock State Park to do some hiking. Starved Rock is in Utica, IL - about a 90 minute drive from us. Not all of us...just Chuck, Chris, and I. Shawn and Sara had no desire to go hiking miles through the woods. Honestly - I don't think Chuck was too thrilled with it either. After shoveling 5 1/2 tons of rock the last few days - he's was probably a bit worn out. But Chris and I do have a tendency to wander off trail a bit to climb up or down parts of canyons to see cool rocks, interesting tree roots, or frogs in a stream. So someone had to come along with us to call for help if needed, lol.

The weather was perfect. It was nice spending the day with my youngest boy - who is not so young anymore. As a 17 year old teenager we really don't see him that much. He's in and out of the many teens his age are. Hiking is an interest that him and I share, so I really wanted to go at least once this summer. And this summer is flying by!

It was a fun time...but my body is feeling the miles of hiking and several hundred stairs climbed today! Tomorrow will be a sleep-in morning and then helping Chuck with work in the backyard. But I definitely will not be moving fast!

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