Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gluten-free Pumpkin Bar Success!

Yummy Pumpkin Goodness!

There are many holiday recipes that have become an important part of the season. Pumpkin bars are one of them. Though I've never really understood why they are called pumpkin "bars". It's really more of a cake than a bar. I guess the name comes from the fact that you are to cut it into bar-like squares before serving. When I think of a bar - I think of brownies, blondies, and things like that. Nevertheless - Pumpkin bars are a must during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
So...I was determined not to miss out on that one -but was afraid that perhaps it wouldn't adapt to my gluten-free flours. Fear no more! I mixed up the batter this afternoon and just a little while ago we gave it our best taste test. Chuck went back for a second taste - just be sure his taste buds were not deceiving him on the first serving.

Yummo!!! Moist and flavorful - perfect! Perhaps a bit too much of the frosting for our tastes but that's an easy fix!

I've posted the recipe on my cookies and bars page - Cookies and Bars

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