Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cows & Creativity

Cows&Cows&Cows <---- click this!

This is so fun. A Art Education professor that I follow on Twitter posted this last night. It was not his creation - just a great YouTube find. As I watched it for the first time I found it humorous but I immediately wanted to know how to create it myself. I seem to find myself doing that more often than not. I enjoy other peoples creative endeavors but often can't just enjoy them and more on. Instead it triggers something inside me and I feel the need to figure out how to do it and try it myself. I love to create. I love to create in as many different medias as possible. There rarely has been something that I have found or have seen that I haven't had the urge to try to do myself.

Is this a bad thing? Well...I don't think so. I get so much joy in the creative it can't be bad. But Gosh Darn It! I don't have the time, space, or energy to do as much of it as I'd like. Perhaps when I we win the lottery - "Hey Honey did you buy a Powerball ticket?" Or perhaps...if I spent less time online looking at everyone's creativity I'd have more time for my own? just a thought

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