Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Family Game Night

It was a very long week for everyone in the Gillespie house. Getting back into the grove of not staying up too late and getting up early to go to work and school is never fun. We always enjoy our breaks - especially when we travel and visit family. Our vacations almost always involve playing games. We all try and find fun party games that everyone can participate in. These might be an old fashion game of scrabble, an new board game, card games, an electronic game, or even the dictionary game that requires nothing more than paper, pencils, and a good old Webster's dictionary. The recent Christmas vacation was the same - everyone crowding around Janie's kitchen table or spreading out a bit in the dining room. Many fun times involve playing games.

Often though as we get home from vacation and back to work and school, the game playing seems to disappear. Although we all love to play a good game, the day-to-day routines often keep us from doing so. Tonight we decided to pull out the new card games that Santa so thoughtfully left in each of our stockings. These smaller, faster versions of games allowed for us to be able to hang out on the couches or floor and have some fun. We didn't want to give up keeping the couch warm - it's been a long week after all. Chuck, Sara, Chris, and I had a great time playing two different of our games. We started with Pictionary. This card version of the game doesn't require drawing. It's a cross between charades and pictionary. You use the pictures they provide to have your team guess from. Sara and I teamed up against Chris and Chuck. And of course us girls kicked butt! It's a very fun fast-paced game that I recommend.

After beating the guys with that we moved to Trivial Pursuit Steal. This card version of the trivia game is slightly easier than the big board game and you are given the chance to earn wedges by stealing them along with answering the questions. Of course the kids and I were in no way able to keep Chuck from winning. He quickly collected all six wedges and then proceeded to continue on to play. He turned in all his wedges and then even won a second time. The closest anyone got to him was having 4 wedges...but it was no use. All that knowledge (both useful and useless) up in that bald head of his beat us good!

Whoever wins, it's always a fun time playing any game with my family. I think it should be something that we do regularly.
Perhaps Friday should always be Family Game Night in our house.


  1. Maybe all the knowledge stored up in that head pushed so hard against his hair follicles, thus, baldness occurred!?! Whatcha think? Maybe?? Ask Chuck....I am sure he knows the answer!:)
    Sounds like a fun night! While you guys were playing games I was watching a good one between SIU and Creighton on ESPN Full Court! Cool way to watch a ballgame ....would have been awesome if we had actually WON.....

  2. Janie is on to something! Gandhi, Buddha, Kojak, Mr. Clean....those guys all incredibly wise!