Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Blas & Weight Loss

I can honestly say that I Hate this time of year. It's freezing, there is little sunlight and what sunlight there is gives me a headache as it bounces off the snow and ice. So depressing! I never want to rush time - every minute we have is precious - but this time of year I tend to want to speed ahead a bit.

Another depressing thing about this time of year is everyone is talking about losing weight, working out more, and getting healthy. As if the new year is the only time that doing this is important. All the focus on getting in shape tends to make me feel that I too must join in and continue to fight the battle of the bulge. I've never been satisfied with my weight so the emphasis on it is even more depressing. Though I do have to admit that I'm quite proud of the little bit of weight loss that I accomplished before the holidays. But the holidays were wonderfully indulgent and it's time to get back to work at losing a few more pounds (well technically a slight more than a few). In the fall I used Nutrisystem to lose. But the thought of going back to eating boxes of food - that frankly taste slightly better than the cardboard it's packaged in - doesn't appeal to me. Not to mention the cost. With the money spent on the three months of Nutrisystem food I purchased in the fall I could have purchased a new wardrobe (ok...not quite but close!)
So instead of doing that I'm going to jump on the Weight Watchers band wagon. Many people I know use it. I need something to track the amount of food I should eat and the amount of food I actually eat. The points system sounds a lot better than counting calories. Going to meetings is not for me so I joined the online version of Weight Watchers. Today was the first day of me logging in food and figuring out what points each food item was. I ended up going over my daily target points by 2 points. The Chick-fil-a lunch I had was to blame for that.
Better choices ahead tomorrow... Does anyone have any idea of what to order at Texas Roadhouse that won't blow all my points?


  1. I would go with Salmon and whatever steamed veggies they have....I think Weight Watchers is a better option than the boxed food. It's one thing to do that for a month or two..but that isn't a lifestyle thing. Weight watchers can be used forever really.

  2. Hey Theresa - enjoyed your blog today! I began my MHP a week ago Monday. That would be modified health plan - my own words. I have never had much luck with actual programs - but decided there were a few things I could do on my own to help myself drop some pounds. It has been six days since I have consumed a coke - have been drinking green tea and water as much as I can. Still have to amp up the water, but hey, baby steps. I am also trying to monitor portions - and stop eating when I START to feel full instead of necessarily finishing my plate. I still need to start walking - just can't wrap my head around getting out there in this really cold weather and I don't have an inside walking machine. Hopefully my efforts will start to pay off soon. My best wishes to you in your endeavors! We need to stay in touch and share support! :)