Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year is Here

Today is the second day of the new year. January has always been a month I have dreaded. It means that the fun of the holiday season has come to an end and I'm turning one year older. It's a time of reflection on the year that has past and thinking about ways to make life better.

Now I'm not saying that I hate the month of January - it's good to reflect on the past and look forward in life. I've always tried to improve on anything that I'm doing...whether it is in being a better teacher, mom, wife, artist, or person in general.

Reflections of 2010 -
Briefly said 2010 had many ups and downs. It was a very productive year for me professionally. I finished an exhausting but rewarding Masters Degree program. I sadly left one of my schools that I had taught at for 12 years and began teaching at a newly remodeled school with a really great art room (3 sinks - yippee!). I moved from a yucky basement art area to a regular classroom at my other school. And I entered a national contest for that school - we were a finalist and won $5000 for our art program and a special visit by a fun art bus. I trimmed down a bit since last year and was able to drop a size. I was very proud to watch my husband complete a post-graduate degree and be certified to teach high school Social Studies. He worked very hard and will be an awesome teacher! He also transformed our living room into a perfect, warm and inviting place to be.
Though 2010 was very productive - it wasn't the healthiest for me. My struggles with a vitamin D deficiency and some stupid muscle and joint pains were an annoyance.

Looking to 2011-
New Year's Eve, as we were enjoying food and fun, the inevitable question was asked - "What's your New Year's resolution?" As loved ones and friends answered this question I began to feel a bit nervous. Oh do I really have to do this? I've had years where I've made resolutions and they have succeeded - but mostly - they have failed big time. Last year I said that my resolution was to paint more. I had this in my mind as each person said what they were going to try and do. The word "failure" was repeating in my mind. Then I thought back to the other resolution I had - to lose some weight. I had some success there...nothing drastic but success no the less. When it was my turn to give my resolution I simply said that I didn't know. Liar! I did know - because it was pretty much the same as the last year's. I really want to paint more - or draw more - or just create art more. It something that I love to me a sense of accomplishment...relieves stress...and makes me happy. But that is not all -

So here in writing is my 2011 New Year's Resolution:
To be a happier person by loving more, laughing more, creating more, eating healthier, and exercising more. Sound simple enough?


  1. Sounds great to me. My highs this past year were your lows were your lows. It was a fantastic year with some really scary days. Thank the Good Lord he answered prayers and continued to bless us with each other. You did an awesome job in your masters program, your teaching, and your commit to lose weight. You did awesome in all those things! I think maybe this pass year as we accomplished so much, God looked down at times and said, "slow down." So maybe we worked hard in 2010 to be able to paint more in 2011. Here's to a great new year! As always, whatever you decide to do, you will do great! :-)

  2. Sometimes the best "resolutions" are made daily and not yearly! Keep it simple! :)
    You have three awesome children and a husband that adores you! "Failure" is not possible when you have all that - and of all the words in the world - "failure" would never be one used to describe you by ANYONE who knows you!
    When you have love - you have succeeded at everything that counts! :)
    Happy New Year, Theresa!
    We love you, too! <3