Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2 of my Picture-A-Day Challenge

There is a fine line between creative supplies and a mess!

I was struggling with keeping up with things in the Art room today. So many projects in progress on drying rack and in crates, finished ones in piles waiting to be graded and photographed for Artsonia, and supplies for all of these creative endeavors in cupboards, on shelves, and - unfortunately - in boxes on the floor. UGH! I started picking up this and that - frustrated with all the piles and stuff I saw around me. I hate a disorganized environment - and this room is beginning to drive me crazy! I need to spend time organizing, but that time is not easy to find. As I hurried to clear up some scraps left behind by one class before the next entered I opened the scrap box and tossed in some more. I paused a minute and ran my hand through all the different papers in there. What fun creative things are going to be made from all those pieces? In many classrooms most of what's inside that box wouldn't have made it in there. They would have been tossed into the trash. But not in the Art room! In this room it's not trash - it's just waiting to be used in a work of art!

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