Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 21 of my Picture-A-Day Challenge

He's At It Again!

He swore that in July of this year that he was done doing any more "work" in this house for awhile. Well...it really hasn't been that long - but Chuck is hard at work once again - with a bit of help from the boys. Today he install two new windows in the boys' room. The draft that came through those old broken windows was costing in heating bills and Shawn was quite tired of the little bugs and moths that seem to get in their room through those windows.

In this photo you see the hole where the window has been removed and the boys working on taking apart the old window so that it will fit into the garbage can. (Well Chris working and Shawn supervising, lol!) Good thing it's a pretty warm day in comparison to what it has been!

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  1. Well there is still one more window that hasn't been replaced! And then there's a door too!