Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 23 of my Picture-A-Day Challenge

OH What Fun!

I have to say that I believe that I am blessed to live with a man that exudes Christmas Spirit. My darling husband loves this time of year and everyone around him has to feel that love. He loves the holiday environment, the family gatherings, making and partaking in the wonderful food, and I believe above all - finding gifts for the people he loves. Honestly every day it is a joy to be around him but during this time of year the fun, spirit, and love of life that shines from him is a joy.
This time of year can be tough for me. I miss my mom's presence terribly - but God sent me my wonderful husband to make those tough times so much easier.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord. God sent him to us. Some may say that this holiday has become too commercialized - and perhaps they are right. But I see it as a celebration of not only the birth of Jesus, but the celebration of life, of love, of family, of helping and doing for others.

So - smile, shop, eat too much, hug the ones you love and have a very Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

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  1. No one knows the feeling of losing a parent until it happens to them. I am fortunate to have both my parents with us. I haven't felt the loss that you've felt. But not a day goes by that I don't realize how much you miss and still love your Momma. Christmas to me meant Grandma and Johnny with our family. They too are gone and I miss them both a lot. But I have to say, I feel their presence as well as your Mom's--and almost always I am feeling incredibly happy. We have a wonderful family that blended and grew because of God's love--a true gift. That is the reason I'm filled with such happiness today, this season, and every day with you and our family!