Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7 of my Picture-A-Day Challenge

The Fun Face of Clay

There are those days where I wonder why on earth I do what I do - and in the last few years those days seem to happen more and more. But as much as I am exhausted by all the work it takes to do my job well, and all frustrations that comes with teaching in today's world, there are many, many things that keep me going each day. One of these is seeing students enjoy being creative in my classroom. For at least a few minutes out of their week they get to work with different supplies and create. Now - I'm not saying that every student that walks into my room loves art, but the majority enjoy their time painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, or doing many other art activities.

The absolute favorite of all my students is working with clay. So when a class comes in and I tell them that today is a clay day - the room fills with cheers. I always attempt to make sure I've shut my door before I make that announcement. Today one of my second grade classes made clay monsters. Not a one student was off task during this class and each and everyone ended up with a wonderful work of art!

The clay face in the photo makes me smile. The student went on to add other things to his monster to make him a bit more monsterous, but I love it at this stage.

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